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Greenwich Classic
Film Series

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The Greenwich Classic Film Series is a film & lecture program at the  Bow Tie Movie Theater  on Railroad Ave, in Greenwich, Ct. It all started when Adele Greene saw a screening of Charlie Chaplin’s film City Lights with a live orchestra -- and here we are – 28 years later with a program that has screened over 300 classic films and for an  audience of over 500 people.  This year, we hope you will make the classic film series a part of your entertainment plans. 

Questions? Please write to us & add your name to our e-mail list at gcfs10am@aol.com , or call us at 914-725-0999. 

bullet.jpg (1166 bytes)56th Season ! 500 members      
bullet.jpg (1166 bytes) 6 Mondays at  7pm* Bow Tie Theater -
Railroad Ave, Greenwich, CT
bullet.jpg (1166 bytes)Films of the 30's thru the 70's
bullet.jpg (1166 bytes) 6 Films,  $140  



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Classic Film Series, Inc.
15 East Putnam Ave.  Suite 175 
Greenwich, Ct 06830